Frequently Asked Questions

Why bill for negligence?

Similar to other user type fees this program is solution designed to remove an unfair tax burden from ALL innocent taxpayers and focus only on the negligent party and their insurance provider. Insurance companies lobbied and won legislation, legally mandating that all citizens must carry insurance. This decision was based upon the premise that they would then cover costs associated with their policyholder’s negligence.

Innocent taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize insurance providers investigation costs, thru-traffic, or non-taxpayers while insurance providers are receiving legally mandated insurance premium dollars.

This solution-based program mirrors all mandates put forth by the Federal Government and OIG as it relates to EMS billing.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover me?

Residents are exempt from any out of pocket cost provided no crime was cited. A non-resident would be held financially responsible if all efforts are exhausted and your provider declines payment.

Is this an unwelcoming sign to neighboring communities or tourists?

No. Incentivizing safety creates a safer commute and community, which also aid in reducing insurance rates. Tolls, hotel tax, recreational and park fees are clear examples of other types of user fees. This program does not hinder visitors or tourism.

Who is billed?

The negligent parties insurance would initially be billed. If insurance declines payment then the negligent party is then fiscally responsible.

What if the negligent party is not insured?

Insurance is legally mandated. The uninsured negligent party would be billed directly.

Will assessing user fees for negligence raise my insurance rates?

No. Your State Insurance Commissioner controls insurance rates. If your premium were adjusted, it would simply be because you were negligent, deeming you to be a higher risk. This would occur regardless of this program or additional claim.

Is this double taxation?

No. It is the exact opposite. Taxpayers are exempt. Negligent user fees prevent insurance companies from receiving double profits.