Here’s how it works:

R. Moore Solutions (RMS) works with law enforcement and fire services assisting in offsetting costs associated with various types of negligence. Our solution is to recover these costs from the responsible parties insurance provider and recycle those funds back into public safety budgets. This solution-based program will ultimately protect tax dollars, keep our safety service departments intact, citizens safe and minimize insurance liability costs.

Here’s what you should know:

You must have an ordinance in place to assess user fees. The ordinance should express the genesis of the local law.


Claims are filed to the negligent party and their insurance provider only. It is considered fraudulent to bill outside the true user of service.


Specific protocol and policies can be adopted by way of resolution if the community chooses to do so.


Law mandates that all drivers must maintain insurance coverage. At-fault drivers without insurance are billed directly.


Fees were developed based upon actual cost studies—we have sampled many police and fire departments’ budgets across the nation, varying in size, fully-paid, combination, and volunteer departments.

Cost Studies

Regardless of residency, only the negligent party or true user of this service would be billed. This eliminates any type of discrimination. However, taxpayers are exempt from out of pocket costs provided there is no crime.


Claims are generated according to your existing reporting. No additional equipment or software is required.


Non-residents are to be held financially accountable as they do not support services where they were negligent.


All follow-up with insurance companies and/or the responsible party is handled by R. Moore Solutions.


A service contract/agreement is required in order to establish RMS as an agent acting on the department’s behalf.


All payments that are received are then directed to a trust lock-box account.

Secure Payments

After the contract, RMS has immediate access to reporting. A contract also establishes proof of our compliance with HIPAA and state mandated privacy laws.


Payment and month-end reporting is submitted within 15 business days.


We encourage and assist in developing a press release to educate local residents of the program benefits.

Public Information

No start-up fee or software is required. RMS is only paid when successful in recovering funds for the client.